Are You Swarming Upstream?

As a person involved with internet marketing, I hear about new programs every day of the week. Always, there is the first wave of notification via Skype broadcasting tools for immediate attention. Next are the emails from affiliate marketers or internet marketers whose lists I have opted into. I’ve mentioned before that my initial reaction to these sorts of offers is to Google the opportunity name and see what is out there to read, as well as analyze how many people have jumped on it already. I have no statistical analysis to offer but it is crystal clear that there is a huge group of people involved by the time any information reaches my inbox.

Recently, a colleague of mine explained a mindset of success that included being part of the group who created the hype surrounding new business launches and moving forward quickly, from new business opportunity to new business opportunity as part of an entourage as a means of creating wealth. The first metaphor that came to mind was killer bees. Then I started wondering: How Many People are Swarming Upstream?

I’d like to explain the entire thought process of my associate. By their explanation, the people who made the most money in any business opportunity were those who got in early, attracted the first round of initiates and moved on quickly to the next launch to promote it. I knew folks who joined a program early made the most money but it had not occurred to me that they moved in swarms. I confess to having a visceral reaction. Following it through, I could only imagine a lifestyle of promotion mania and capitalistic avarice.

I’m a retired hippy, for goodness sakes! My generation shunned materialism! 🙂

I acknowledge that the success or failure of any business venture rests with the person who decides to join it. However, I firmly believe that those who are swarming and hyping the business venture must assume some responsibility for its ultimate longevity and success. If the founders are swarming forward to the next thing as soon as they’ve made their millions, are they creating wealth or havoc?

Sadly, the mindless pursuit of money and distance from the masses who join these programs seem to make some top guns calloused. Like a salmon swimming upstream, a new marketer who is caught up in the hype can become nothing more than a tasty snack for the bear that waits upstream.


9 Responses to “Are You Swarming Upstream?”
  1. Denise says:

    My dear Friend,
    You have really touched a greater part of the Internet ‘Business’ (I use the word loosley) that I hate. These people that go around in swarms, dont care about the havoc they leave behind, there number one focus is ‘Themselves’.
    This isn’t anyway to operate a business and its why so many people get left high, dry and hurt. There is definately no residual income in this. The Top Queen Bee and her/him select chosen few will make $$$$ but when they ‘Swarm’off on the next greatest ‘must have’ they leave a nest that will just be destroyed.
    I just hope the Big Brown Bear dines on the lot of them….

    Don’t chase the swarm or you will get STUNG.

    Find a Business that has a great product, stick to it,help others duplicate and enjoy their success both in the short term and long term.

    Thank you so much Marj & keep up the great content Blogs


  2. Larissa says:

    You are so right Marj, and fun to read the post.


  3. Robert says:

    Finally! Someone who understands what these gurus tactics are. They really are like Killer Bees. They hunt, they swarm, they conquer with hype and move onto the next big thing after they suck the business dry… This really hits home with me. Also, if duplication was really practiced and executed, you wouldn’t need to jump into other opportunities because the one would be making plenty of money. Great blog!!! 😀

  4. Gina Alzate says:

    And when the salmon do not get eaten by bears or fished by combat fishermen and women, they start to metamorphose in different phases, and die.

  5. jim says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have captured the view of a lot of people. I tend to see myself as more than a salmon.

    You seem to put the responsibility on the person doing the marketing to take care of the person doing the buying.

    I tend to put the responsibility on the buyer (myself) to analyze the opportunity and pass it up if it is snake oil. It takes a buyer and a seller to complete any transaction. I say no when I need to.

    Choose the life you want to live.

    I use my power of choice to sort these situations out. The marketer, killer bee in your post, is not responsible for my life, my family, my money, my health or my success. I am. I choose the products I buy and those I promote based on my values and my needs.

    “However, I firmly believe that those who are swarming and hyping the business venture must assume some responsibility for its ultimate longevity and success.” My approach to this situation is to ask lots of questions and decide for myself if they have done this. I make it my responsibility to ensure longevity has been taken into account to my satisfaction.

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Thank you for your comments, Jim. I would like to clarify, once again, that the marketer does not have total responsibility for the buyer’s decision and stated this quite clearly in the sentence that preceded the quote you included from my post. I am sure you perused other posts, such as Internet Marketing Sharks, and found that I stress the importance of performing due diligence for any offering, along with some of the tactics that I use.

      I agree, whole heartedly, with everything else you said. What has frequently interested me is that, when I manage to reach the marketer whose product has interested me enough to engage in a discussion about how it has worked in their lives, there is a high incidence of times where they, themselves, have just joined and know little to nothing about the mechanics. Sometimes, they even want to get me on a call with their upline to get my questions answered.

      People get starry eyed by the promises made, Jim. Even when a marketer has social proof online, their past performance is no guarantee of future success.

  6. Chad Warren says:

    Congratulations on writing a post that generated so much response.

    Hopefully, we are progressing into an understanding that the blame game is not constructive to finding solutions. It takes 2 to tango- the scammer and the novice.

    I have a feeling that more responsible leaders run into the same inability to duplicate and sustain success. Imagine all the college graduates of this year that feel duped when an internship or job isn’t as easy to find, in spite of their dedication.

    Its a natural friction between offering help and the need for personal responsibility. I often wonder if it would be helpful for people to share exactly what they are doing so one can track their peers and their upline can take a peak and nudge a person back on track. Maybe this data sharing would take some of the mystery out of progression.

    I like how your blog shows a teaser of each post. Is that your cat pictured on your blog title- she’s precious. That’s a nice branded website logo you have. Also, your content seems an honest description of your business experience that relays a feeling of helpfully confiding to peers.

  7. residual income source says:

    seriously, this blog is excellent . I think im gonna stick around and read about 7 of your posts. Yours truly

  8. Livia says:

    At last, smoenoe comes up with the “right” answer!

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