Is Providing Relevant Content Important in Your SEO Strategy?

April 6, 2011 by +Marj Wyatt  
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Is providing relevant content important to your SEO Strategy and business success?  With Google enforcing relevance and becoming more strict about content sources, the answer is an emphatic Yes. Your readers are seeking solutions when they set out on the search engines.  If your content comes up in search results and clicking through to your page results in not finding any pertinent information related to their search, your readers will move on to the next link in their search results.  It is very important to provide your readers with relevant content for anything that you publish online.

Relevant content gains high ranking regardless of its vintage.  Over time, the probability that older content will be rendered obsolete exists but reviewing and revisiting your pages and updating content is a task that a website owner has to assume periodically.  Note the word “review” – old content is not bad for search engine rankings unless it has totally lost its relevancy.  Making old content more relevant can contribute to higher ranking while simply removing or altering content can result in a drop in ranking.

When you have relevant content on your site, can leverage your organic traffic to cross sell affiliate products that you are using and get income from those referral sales.  Satisfied visitors will rarely refuse to do buy a product you are recommending if your post is relevant to their search query.  The mantra is give your customers what they want and, in return, your online credibility is enhanced and your business will steadily grow.  If you’ve defined too broad an audience for your content, you cannot hope to consistently deliver relevant content that will improve your site rankings for your chosen keywords.  Higher rankings translates to greater income potential from your website.

There is no secret about the fact that keywords  play a vital role in effective SEO content writing. The content has to be crafted in such a way that it is both keyword oriented for successful SEO and content relevance.   When designing a post, begin with an understanding of the keywords you wish to rank for.  Your posts must be optimized for both humans and spiders, which is a page-to-page consideration.  When keywords are applied correctly throughout your site, whether on existing pages or new pages, content can be written naturally and the keyword you are trying to rank for will not be noticed by your visitor.  The end result will be a robust site that targets dozens, if not hundreds, of keywords that are effectively optimized to bring in targeted traffic while still increasing sales.

Marketing your content can seem like a time-consuming and arduous task for small business owners who are beginning to build their online presence.   It is a necessary evil that cannot be avoided, however.  To reach your target market both locally and worldwide through search engines, you must employ small business SEO techniques.  Creating fresh relevant content and building backlinks to your pages is part of this process and this can eat up hours each day if you do not have the proper tools in your tool chest.

Digital Traffic Multiplier Plugin makes Relevant Content Creation EasyThis is where Digi Traffic Multiplier can help you.  This plugin takes the principles of creating relevant content and automates the process so you are free to build your business with minimal intervention, once the plugin is setup.  It’s called Traffic Multiplication.  This means more business and increased sales for you!
Here are some of the features that you can use to your advantage:

  1. Content generated by the software is targeted specifically for your visitors because it uses the keywords that your visitors are actually using to find relevant content in the first place, so it’s a guaranteed hit.  I’ve tried several plugins that promise similar things but, for the price and in consideration of the features, none compare to Digi Traffic Multiplier!
  2. This WordPress plugin is fully compliant with Google’s latest algorithms.  The on-page SEO will attract Google’s attention and the targeted content with built-in avatars ensure that your post passes even a manual check.
  3. On-page SEO is done automatically to every post so you won’t have to worry that you haven’t got it right and you can focus on building your business instead.

Many of the plugins that I use sell for over 4x the price of this elegant plugin.  I use it personally on several of my niche sites and I highly recommend that you take the time to investigate Digi Traffic Multiplier.

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Skype Outage – December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010 by +Marj Wyatt  
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Like most online entrepreneurs, Skype is a staple of my business and one of my first logins everyday after having my 2nd cup of coffee.  🙂  Today, I was relieved to learn that the problem is not related to Skype hackers or phishers … a rising trend on Skype.

Major Skype Outage - 12-22-2010After being unable to login through the client interface, I immediately went to the website to assure myself that my account had not been compromised somehow.  I was able to login and verify my account there, although that capability has since gone down.

While I was logged in, a brief visit to the support page revealed that Skype was aware of the problems that people were having with logging in.  I followed recommended steps to remedy the problem, which included shutting down my home network and resetting the routers.  I guess that should be done periodically anyway so, even though it didn’t solve the Skype login problem, it wasn’t a complete waste of time.  🙂

This is probably quite an embarrassment for Skype in the advent of their upcoming IPO.  For the rest of us, we can breathe a sigh of relief that our Skype accounts have not been hijacked by the hackers and phishers who prey on Skype users.

Step Away from the Computers!

August 30, 2010 by +Marj Wyatt  
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We are all aware of the value that our digital tools bring us.  Our technology expedites information delivery, allows us to follow our social networks, makes calling from anywhere possible, and provides on-demand entertainment.

Based on this quote from researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, we are actually depriving ourselves of much-needed mental downtime that ultimately may be affecting our learning capabilities.

“Almost certainly, downtime lets the brain go over experiences it’s had, solidify them and turn them into permanent long-term memories,” said Loren Frank, assistant professor in the department of physiology at the university, where he specializes in learning and memory. He said he believed that when the brain was constantly stimulated, “you prevent this learning process.”

Perpetually Plugged in People

There are armies of mobile application developers who are hard at work creating new productivity tools and producing games to entertain us in between tasks.  I am not a Luddite.  I use mobile technology for both business and pleasure but it does seem possible that society is becoming enslaved to its mobile devices.

Entrepreneurs benefit greatly from the advanced technologies availed by multimedia mobile devices but these same advantages have potential to introduce stress, which can have a negative impact on our overall business productivity.  While we want to give our customers the impression nothing matters more to us than our business, we are of no use to customers if we are burned out.

Reboot Yourself!

All of our technology needs to be rebooted periodically to clear memory and cache.  The same is true of us humans.  While it is easy to assume that browsing the internet, checking email, or playing a brief game is a break, these activities don’t remove our technology chains nor provide our brains the breaks they require to renew our creative juices.  Regardless of our professions, most of us are tethered computers throughout our work days so taking a break on another computer isn’t really a break, is it?

During a keynote speech, Harvey MacKay suggested that the most productive time that he spent was time spent looking out his window.  He went on to explain that he was both resting his eyes and refreshing his imagination.  This “stuck” with me.  In situations where there was no window, I hung a photograph of a beautiful place upon which to fix my gaze.

Get Income Blog | Step Away from the Computers!

Reboot Yourself!

When I am confounded by a bit of code for a wordpress website development task or unable to come up with fresh ideas for a new branding strategy, leaving my office for a stroll along the ocean shore totally renews my perspective.  While I am away, I am not thinking about the work task.  I am enjoying the salt air and interacting with people around me.  I also leave my mobile device in the car while I am at the beach.  There is nothing so earth shattering that it cannot wait for a few hours.  Relaxing in a chair with a good book (with REAL pages!) or doing a crossword puzzle is another method that I use to get away from bright LCD screens and computers.

So, whether your thing is shopping, cerebral pursuits, or nature, do your favorite things and leave the mobile devices at home so you can clear your mental cache and attract new ideas.  You will return to your tasks and I guarantee you will feel better and be more productive.