How to SEO Optimize WordPress Images

November 7, 2011 by +Marj Wyatt  
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Have you ever wondered how to SEO Optimize WordPress images? It is commonly understood that on-page SEO can be optimized through the proper use of image attributes for placing keywords, appropriate keyword density, the use of H1 and H2 tags, and decoration of keywords within your post content.

Tip:  SEO Optimize WordPress Images Intelligently!

The alt attribute is meant to be used as an alternative text if the image is not available and it is another location search engines to read your keywords.  It is bad practice to stuff keywords, however, so use this content area wisely.

Important Image Attributes to SEO Optimize

  1. Image Name
  2. Image Title
  3. Image Alt Text
  4. Image Link Text

Uploading and inserting images into your WordPress post is very easy to do. When images are added to a post, the software creates different sized images for use on your pages automatically. The default image link is the link to the image attachment page. From an SEO perspective, this is far less desirable than having that image link to your actual post.

WordPress Image Upload Features Can Help You SEO Optimize Content

Most blog owners upload an image and insert it into their post without giving it a second thought.  Unless you have investigated the advanced options available in the popup for adding images to your WordPress posts and understand how these options help you SEO Optimize your WordPress images, you are missing opportunities for keyword placement on your posts and pages.

seo optimizeWith search engines demanding relevant content, it has become increasingly important to SEO Optimize all the elements possible in your posts and pages.  As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Don’t overlook these words by failing to utilize the full power of WordPress and image tags.

This short video tutorial will walk you through the process of assigning a name to your image that is related to the topic of your post as well as how to use the advanced features of WordPress to SEO Optimize your newly uploaded image for better on-page SEO.


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31 Responses to “How to SEO Optimize WordPress Images”
  1. Terrific news for those of us who aren’t the greatest at making WP do what we want. Thank you, as always, for sharing your expertise with us.
    Michael Thorsett recently posted..New projects on the horizonMy Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      There are a lot of nuances to WordPress that many people don’t take the time to understand or use. Knowing how to SEO Optimize all the elements of your posts and pages is increasingly important, these days.

      Thank you for your comment and you’re more than welcome for the share. 🙂

  2. Kay says:

    Thanks for sharing this video with us. I did not know some of the things that you pointed out about the images that go into Word Press. It was very helpful.

    Skype frsprt21462

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Thanks for your comment and observations, Kay. I had discovered that a lot of people didn’t understand the power at their grasp with wordpress images so that is precisely why I made the video. 🙂

  3. Julie Wolf says:

    Thanks Marj!

    I wanted to know what more about imaged on my wp blogs esp the seo attributes. I knew about alt text but was not sure if title, description or link made any difference to seo.

    I presume that description does effect seo by your comment on not keyword stuffing. So I will add my keywords to the description box and will hope SEO Pressor will tell me if my keyword density is too high (can you tell me, will SEO Pressor tell me that in this case?)

    Another question… can you explain how the image link to the post improves seo? I have been leaving my link empty. Or linking the image to somewhere relevant to improve sales or list building or just more relevant content.

    Your thoughts?

    Lastly, I am finding the term “Image Link Text” hard to understand. This is mentioned at the 4th item the top of your post at
    “Important Image Attributes to SEO Optimize”

    1. Image Name
    2. Image Title
    3. Image Alt Text
    4. Image Link Text

    I do not know what that means. Can you explain?

    Julie Wolf

    PS Last question… how come under the CAPTCHA I see my last post title linked and a check in a check box? Hmmmm… interesting. I accept the back link, Thanks! … but I have never seen this before.
    Julie Wolf recently posted..How To Sign In To SkypeMy Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hi again, Julie.

      I’ll try to take your questions one-by-one.

      “I presume that description does effect seo by your comment on not keyword stuffing.”

      That description is more for your use in the media library. It has very little to do with SEO Optimization of your images.

      “…can you explain how the image link to the post improves seo?”

      When the image goes out to Google Image search, the link goes back to your blog post and not back to the image attachment.

      “I am finding the term “Image Link Text” hard to understand”

      That is the url if the link underlying the image and is covered by linking the image back to your post which, of course, will have your keyword in it. 🙂

      Oh, and the optional link to include in your comment comes from a plugin called Comment Luv. I just installed it after tweaking my site to make author comment url links “do follow” links.
      Marj Wyatt recently posted..How to SEO Optimize WordPress ImagesMy Profile (dofollow)

  4. Julie Wolf says:

    Oh! And how about the Caption, is that good seo to use your keyword in?

    And I wanted to share a related experience also.

    I had finished my last post and my SEO Pressor numbers where good. But Keyword density was a bit low. So I added my key word phrase to all my alt image tags and it helped improve the keyword density with out going into the red (still green). I had a lot of images and I really worked on my keywordsa nd seo in this post called “How to Sign in to Skype” which is linked here as my recently posted below, if you want to check it out and critique.

    I couldn’t figure out how to fix that last image where the sides are cut off. Skype me if you can help.
    Julie Wolf recently posted..How To Sign In To SkypeMy Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hi Julie … thanks for the real-time example of how image alt text worked for you. I suppose captions are another place you can put your keywords. I’m thinking it would just contribute to density, however, and I’m fairly certain that image captions are not something that robots crawl when an image won’t load.

  5. Bess Blanco says:

    Marj – thank you for this post! I need all the tutorials I can get, and I’m learning so much from you already…keep em coming!
    Bess Blanco recently posted..Mexican Chicken Casserole – Healthy Dinner RecipeMy Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hey Bess,

      Thank you for your comments and praise. We all are learning everyday. I’ve learned from so many online tutorials in the past, it just seems to make sense that I share some of what I know in that way too.

  6. thank you so much for explaining image seo optimization in plain english with an easy to understand tutorial. I’ve only been blogging for 6 days so i have so much to learn. I know I will be checking back here for help as I get further along! thanks again!
    karen mulhern recently posted..In the Weeds…..My Profile

  7. Brenda says:

    Hi Marj

    I am loving the content on you blog — I am in the process of upgrading mine and am struggling with my spacing and H- tag

    Do you have any advise as to how I can reduce the spacing between the line – when I use a H1 tag – the spacing between the lines is so wide and also the text is huge which makes the entire article look disjointed and childish..

    Should I edit this in the CSS file and if so — WHERE?

    Great tips- Have bookmarked your site.
    Brenda recently posted..What Exactly Do You Do Again? Crafting Your Business Message.My Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hi Brenda,

      Thank you for your comment, your praise, and for your question.

      The problem you are discussing is related to CSS. You have, most likely inspired another video tutorial because the method for tracking down the part of the style sheet that needs to be modified is a little beyond the scope of a text reply.

      It was great talking with you via Skype today!
      Marj Wyatt recently posted..I’m Not Really a Waitress …My Profile (dofollow)

  8. Diana MEYER says:


    this is absolutely true, many people don’t think of SEO for images and frankly, you are reminding me of something here, THANK YOU!

    Have a good day!

    Diana MEYER
    Diana MEYER recently posted..Self EsteemMy Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hey Diana,

      When I launched this blog in 2008, I wasn’t thinking of SEO either. I have been working on improvements to the site, when time permits, during the past several months and one of those things is to implement alt takes for images.

      I’m glad my post was helpful to you.

  9. Hi Marj,

    Great post about the images.
    It is something a lot of people forget about when it comes to optimizing the post. I was told that you should only optimize one of the images in your post if you have a few of them as google looks on this as over use of a key word.
    Any way Marj, really good read.
    All the best,and meeoow

    Ian Jenkinson recently posted..Santa Claus Personalized VideoMy Profile

  10. Sophia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these post. I am so lucky to find these info in you post. I start to how to use WordPress and get a lot now skills from you.

  11. Yordan says:

    Great tips! I learned things that I never knew before. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. Don says:

    Many people miss out on opportunities for traffic by not understanding image optimization. Good article. = )

  13. I’m using calypso theme of wordpress blog. When images are uploaded for a particular post, that image is visible in that particular post only but it is not visible in the home page. If any body knows how to resolve it kindly help.

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      I’ve never personally worked with the Calypso theme but the problem you’re describing could be related to not having properly set the featured image for the post.

      What version of WordPress are you using?

  14. Rosy says:

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information about SEO Optimization. Keep posting such great info for us thanks

  15. Josep says:

    Hi Marj,

    The video is very interesting. But you miss some important point on the image optimize. I always use link to attachment page for my image and my images named with related keyword to main post. It’s great method to shooting low competitor on SERP in some niche (long tail). My attachment page drive huge visitor each day. Another tips is spread the keyword around the image and link this spread keyword to the post. it will make your image get better rank in image search specially Google Image search.

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hi Josep,

      Thank you for your interest and comment. I believe what you are citing as an oversight on my part is more a difference of opinions. I prefer to drive the traffic to my posts instead of my images, personally.

      I’ll experiment with your ideas, of course, and if my findings reveal that another tutorial needs to be made, I will do so.

  16. Beth says:

    Thanks Marj

    After reading your tips I noticed that I had left my images linking to the image attachment page, which I wouldn’t have chose to do my choice, I will be fixing it asap. I like how you’ve done a video to accompany your text advice too.
    Beth recently posted..How to Keep a Partner InterestedMy Profile

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Hey Beth,

      I’m glad that you found the post and the video tutorial helpful and informative. After learning more about now SEO worked, it made more sense (to me) to have the links pointing at my actual posts than to the attachment pages. Clearly the images are still out there in image search but if someone finds my images, I prefer to bring them back to my content. It sounds like you agree. 🙂

      I’m working up other WordPress SEO tutorials in between everything else that is on my plate so stay tuned!

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