Skype Outage – December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010 by +Marj Wyatt  
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Like most online entrepreneurs, Skype is a staple of my business and one of my first logins everyday after having my 2nd cup of coffee.  :)  Today, I was relieved to learn that the problem is not related to Skype hackers or phishers … a rising trend on Skype.

Major Skype Outage - 12-22-2010After being unable to login through the client interface, I immediately went to the website to assure myself that my account had not been compromised somehow.  I was able to login and verify my account there, although that capability has since gone down.

While I was logged in, a brief visit to the support page revealed that Skype was aware of the problems that people were having with logging in.  I followed recommended steps to remedy the problem, which included shutting down my home network and resetting the routers.  I guess that should be done periodically anyway so, even though it didn’t solve the Skype login problem, it wasn’t a complete waste of time.  :)

This is probably quite an embarrassment for Skype in the advent of their upcoming IPO.  For the rest of us, we can breathe a sigh of relief that our Skype accounts have not been hijacked by the hackers and phishers who prey on Skype users.


2 Responses to “Skype Outage – December 22, 2010”
  1. Julie Wolf says:

    Its the first time I have seen Skype go down ever and I have been with Skype since year 1 in 2003. They say it went down i 2007, but it didn’t get nearly as much press as this outage.

    Remember, if you ever DO get your account take over by hackers or phishing, let me know. I can get it back now.

    The other comment I have, is how i thought it was so interesting that we had all these other ways of connecting with out online circles, gmail chat and calling, Facebook chatting, Tweeting. Really something!

    We may have been shocked Skype users with the Skype outage, but we were not stopped. No Way!

    • Marj Wyatt says:

      Thanks for your comment, Julie.

      It’s true. As soon as I determined that the outage was global, I went straight to Twitter to get the scoop. Using Tweetdeck, I was able to monitor all Tweets about Skype. We commiserated with each other. :)

      You ARE the expert at Skype account recovery, for sure. You recently spent many hours helping a mutual friend regain access to their account after it was hijacked. I was totally impressed that you got them back online within a day.

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